Kick-Starter for 10 (part 1)

Kickstarter is known for originality & creativity, and while every Creator and product is unique there are lessons to be learnt from other successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Having worked alongside so many diverse Creators there are trends and patterns that seem to be the basis of a successful campaign and here is our essential top 10 starting points for a well-funded campaign:

  1. Be Seen
    Kickstarter is a hub of originality; Backers invest in the Creator as much as the Product so let yourself be known and central to the campaign. Show your passion and knowledge of the product, let your story be known and backers will respond to you.
  2. What are you talking about?
    Great ideas don’t often shine through – in today’s world of short attention it’s important to make the right impression first time. Prepare your campaign in advance, make sure it’s as concise as it can be – it should read well, no obvious mistakes and above all be obvious what is on offer…
  3. Collaborate
    Being the face and driving force of the campaign can be a draining business, but you needn’t do it alone. Kickstarter Collaborators can easily be assigned to your projects to help with responding to backer queries, to maintain updates on your campaign or to just keep things running if you are on vacation.
    (For more information on setting up Kickstarter Project Collaboration read our article here.)
  4. Engage with your Backers
    Once your campaign gains Backers don’t lose focus and forget them – remember that Pledges can be easily cancelled so create a positive and loyal relationship. Reach out regularly with progress, build on new ideas from the community and respond as soon as possible.
  5. Create Rewards
    Kickstarter Backers are looking for unique and exclusive products that aren’t on the high-street, so by building incentives and stretch goals designed to reward loyalty, you will be surprised how fast a project can be funded.Not every campaign can offer stretch goals but there’s always options for an exclusive reward to entice Backers…(Read our article on cost-effective stretch goal ideas to reward your Backers.)

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