Pilfering doggy laughter

We don’t see many dog games out there in the wild, especially ones about the silly antics that dogs get up to, not to mention the pilfering nature of our beloved best friends.

We all love a good game that breaks up the heavier class of games usually played at tabletops, especially at the family tabletop! When KSG took Canine Kleptomaniacs down to one of our family test groups, it took less than 10 mins to read the rules and get up and running.



As a canine kleptomaniac your aim is to pilfer sets of items – mainly dog-owners’ underwear – then stash them in hiding places to score pooch points. You are not the only canine around the table and each of you is out to be the most prolific pilfering pooch!

So you need to make sure that you play each turn with your sharpest of natural instincts.

Action cards keep the game moving quickly and reward you with chances to gain access to the Master’s Bedroom – a deck of cards loaded with bonus point goodies. Not only that, some actions add a change of pace and variety to how the game flows, bringing an extra depth uncommon for such a ‘light’ game!

The test group we played told us it was refreshing having such a quick and easy game at their table. The game sparked such good vibes among the group, causing them to reminisce about amusing stories of their own pooches’ antics, which added even more laughter to the comedic artwork and text.

There was some confusion about the bonuses on the dog character cards (we weren’t sure what the Puppy Eyes, Charm Offensive and Fishy Blast icons meant) but once a full playthrough was made, it became clearer. We would suggest the addition of some text explaining the meaning of the bonus icons directly on the cards, or some further explanation in the rules. That said we had brought a prototype box and rules to the table…

Golden Ginty Games Ltd. explained to us that, following a bit of a social media rumpus over the inclusion of “Pretty Knickers” as one of the Collectables set, they had decided to create the alternative and less controversial Granny’s Bloomers.

Although we played this prototype version with the Pretty Knickers, we believe the Bloomers will do just as well! We didn’t encounter any ‘inappropriateness’ concerns among our playgroup other than a “eeeeew that’s nasty!” from a player when they picked up the Master’s Toe Nail Clippings card, but we all have had our dogs eat something gross!

All being said, we were so impressed by how well the game worked in this family environment (creating smiles all around) that Golden Ginty Games Ltd have pilfered an award and the hearts from our players for how enjoyable this game is to play!

We at Kickstart Gaming believe Canine Kleptomaniacs has the ability to be expanded and is easily one of the funniest games we have played.

It is deserving of it’s Peoples Choice Award and their claim that is it: (Probably) The best card game (about dogs) in the World!