Snakes on a… board game?

Toresh Games have launched their next successful Kickstarter board game: Serpent Master – A fun, light game of trying to be on top and stay on top.

Serpent Master is a board game with bite, as you challenge other players to dominate and ultimately win the game!
Players slither in to claim their initial territory. The fun really begins as players slither around and over the top of other players trying to stay on top while holding the most territory.

Serpent Master’s core mechanic is the simultaneous selection and playing of cards. Each round players select one of their cards to play, which will direct the movement of their serpent, and cards are resolved highest to lowest.

Players will have to decide which card to play when for the best move to either gain ground or counteract what their opponents may play. It is as much about knowing the game as it is about knowing the other players.

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Serpent Master available on PLEDGE HERE