How to use Kickstarter Project Collaboration

Not every campaign need be a single-person experience; for those who need a little support or maybe just a few days’ vacation it’s easy to bring friends, family and colleagues into your campaign without giving away your account details.

Project Collaboration is designed to introduce people smoothly into your campaign, either to manage it wholly or to allocate specific roles – they just need to first sign up to Kickstarter as a User…

At the basis of it are 3 roles:

  • Edit Project – can make changes to your Rewards, Story, FAQs
  • Manage Community – can post updates and comments and importantly mark items as spam.
  • Coordinate Fulfillment – can manage surveys and backer reports.

Each role has a unique ability but ultimately your greatest ally will be the Community Manager who can focus on customer feedback! Backers who feel ignored can always retract their pledge so never forget to engage with your community and turn negative comments into positive action.
Remember that each Collaborator will all have access to basic project data which is something you should account for when bringing people into your project to form a Team.

So, how to add Collaborators…

To add a Collaborator go to your Project edit page and visit the People section. You can select Add your first Collaborator under the Collaborators section.

If the project is already running (or ended) you need to instead go to Creator Tools menu and select the Collaborators link.