Totem: A Card Game with Animal Spirits

Totem is a fantastically strategic card game where you carve your way to victory through either cunning and tactics or honesty and transparency.

We worked very closely with Oakfire Games and the result was to create a unique Feature Page that’s taken their campaign to the next level. So now the games visuals takes you deeper into the experience with rich backgrounds and tribal elements.

Totem is a quality card game, both in concept and execution as you race to build your wooden stacks into magnificent Totems.

Experience our gaming feature here, or visit the Kickstarter campaign and pledge today.

Totem available on PLEDGE HERE
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Check out some player reviews:

What drew me in was the art, but underneath that lovely surface there’s an exciting game that has a bit of something for everyone
Tom, Newcastle

There’s depth to it that I didn’t expect and it’s ruthless. Two of us spent the whole game trying to destroy each other, only for player three to sneak in a victory!
Alastair, Warrington

I love this card game! Artworks beautiful and you have to be cunning to win.
J, Blackpool